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Vote No Confidence

Victorians are losing their livelihoods, mental health is at breaking point, suicide and domestic violence are at an all time high. Our kids are suffering and all along Labor MPs have had the power to easily overthrow Daniel Andrews. What are they waiting for?


It’s time to go Premier Andrews

But sitting idly by, watching as Daniel Andrews causes irreparable chaos and destruction, the Labor Party are responsible for his actions. They have the power to remove him as Premier by putting a No Confidence motion before the Parliament. Instead they sit on their hands, ignoring the desperate pleas of their constituents while Daniel Andrews destroys more lives, continues to abuse his power and suppresses crucial evidence. We demand action.

According to a leaked Government document published in the Australian*



Attend hospital for mental health emergencies




Rushed to hospital after self-harming




Require resuscitation on arrival


The cure is worse than the disease

Victorians, use your voice to tell your Labor MPs you demand a No Confidence Vote be put forth to remove Daniel Andrews NOW

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The following are some key points you might like to mention to your MPs. Please ensure you use your own words. 

  • Labor has the power to quickly and easily remove Daniel Andrews by calling for a No Confidence vote
  • By choosing not to call for a vote, they are aiding and abetting Daniel Andrews and are therefore equally responsible for his actions 
  • MPs are elected to represent their constituents

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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

-Edmund Burke

*Source The Australian